SEAFOOD Substitutes + Trying VEGAN Recipes from It Doesn't Taste Like Chicken

If you’re looking to replace fish, crab, lobster, etc., let me show you some vegan alternatives! Today I’m trying 2 vegan fish recipes from Sam (from It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken), as well as discussing some other fish alternatives. Enjoy!

🌱 Sam’s channel:

🌱 Sam’s salmon recipe:
For this recipe, next time I would use a bit less beet (mine was 25g) and a bit less apple cider vinegar as well! (I will reduce to 1 TBL) My only other change would be to add a bit more nori (maybe 1 extra sheet) as I felt it could have had a bit more “fishy” flavor overall.

🌱 Sam’s crab cakes recipe:
For this recipe, I subbed the artichoke hearts for hearts of palm and it worked great! (But I’m sure artichoke hearts would work equally well, if not better! I will try that next time.) I also subbed vegan mayo for avocado, but next time I would use cashew cream! (I needed a couple TBL of water in this version, probably because of lack of moisture in the avocado.) I might also try this with a bit of caper brine in the mixture next time, but overall I loved it!

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✨ Some items from this vid you might find helpful!
Banana blossom:
Vegan mayo:
Nori (roasted seaweed) sheets:

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  1. Great video Maddie and alternatives and Sam's channel is amazing and I love 😍 it. Good that Maddie supports other vegan WFPB YouTubers. Watched seaspiracy and it provides more motivation not to eat fish and other sea animals. Love 🥰 the video and love 💞❤️ Maddie & Q.

  2. Living in the South somewhat near the culinary influence of New Orleans, I highly suggest adding Old Bay seasoning and finely sliced green onion to the crab cake mixture. Definitely run it through the food processor (just pulse), too. I dredge these in panko before baking. So good! The Old Bay takes care of the cajun crab cake taste and no need for the nori. These also freeze well uncooked and can be baked from frozen. Make the crab cakes smaller and they are great on a po boy sandwich!

  3. What what what watermelon 😱😱😱Who knew? 😅Super interesting substitutes Maddie, thanks! I'm kind of going back to vegetarian so your recipes are very inspiring 😊

  4. Mmm.. the crab cakes look very good. I'd like to try the tofu salmon too at some stage. I'd really like to see if flavoured tofu can be made so that the flavour is all through from the start, I guess in the soymilk. Haven't ever seen that, perhaps it's not possible, but can't see why not tho. Barbecue or seafood flavours would be great this way. Impressed that you always quote your sources and give them credit, and Sam's recipes always seem so good, you two are both rather uplifting people. Great topic

  5. I love Sam! And I think you had a great substitute with the hearts of palm! I have tried all the gardein fiahless products. They are really good, especially the fishless filets. Thanks!

  6. Can't wait to try the crab cakes, and the lobster rolls you made with the hearts of palm look amazing as well! Old bay seasoning would really work I think too. Wondering if anyone has tried "lobster mushrooms"? Sauce Stache did a video making lobster rolls with them and he was seriously mpressed…I'm going to research identifying them and go for a hike lol!

  7. It doesnt tast zero like fish. No one will ever be able to realy make it tast like real fish and what so ever (fish, sea food, chiken, meat, etc). It look's like but is so far of the real thing. Harts of palm of artichok, only have a mini texture of fish but doenst not tast like it ever if you put lots of seasoning to make it fishy.

  8. Those crab cakes look delicious 🤗 I love that you work with what you have, it's so much more realistic. I often get excited when I see a recipe I like and then don't make if I'm missing one or two ingredients until I buy them and then usually forget what I wanted them for 😂 or then don't have the motivation or same level of excitement to make it when I first saw recipe! 🥰

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